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Customer Testimonial by Mike Moorhouse

“To this day I haven’t seen a job cost problem that PENTA hasn’t been able to solve, to be able to recognize revenue to be able to show earned revenue.  PENTA has always had a solution."


Mike Moorhouse
CFO, Heico Construction Group


“With PENTA, we’ll have better ability to analyze issues and make decisions that help us grow, and ultimately, better serve our customers.”


Scott Simmering
CIO, K2 Industrial Services




“I have always been impressed by their level of knowledge and cooperation. They all work together well and try to help you get better.”


Ken Lindlau
CFO, Ajax Building Corporation


"I have been using PENTA construction management software for 7 years. I have found it to be an exceptional product from an Accounting perspective.”


Greg Hall
CFO, Miles-McLellan Construction




Customer Testimonial by Kimber Rederth

“Excellent software for Financials, Project Accounting, Project Management and Service Management.”


Kimber Rederth
Senior Business Analyst, Enclos


“PENTA does just what we needed: construction and service management in a fully-integrated package.”


Dave Miller
Senior VP of Operations, The Waldinger Corporation



Penta Customer Testimonial by Dave Miller


Penta Testimonial by Aaron Geiger

“Our time-to-bill has improved significantly since we introduced PENTA Mobile, and our management team has access to real-time, accurate data.”

Aaron Geiger
CIO, Murphy Company

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