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Our support team consists of three groups, which provide business and technical support services to ensure the success of your implementation and your long-term use of PENTA.

  • Application Support: Experts in accounting, project management, and use of our product, these are the individuals who:
    • Help your personnel implement the system.
    • Assist users and coordinate your interaction with the other support and consulting groups.
  • Application Development: These are systems analysts and programmers who design and write the programs that make up our products. They are skilled in transforming your requirements into effective solutions to streamline your procedures and empower decision makers at every level of your organization.
  • Technical Services: These individuals are experts in the various technologies that deliver the power of PENTA to you and your organization. They can help you combine many component pieces into an integrated system and specialize in:
    • Computers, hardware, operating, and database management systems.
    • Local and wide area networks.
    • The integration of voice, fax, and data communications.

Together, our team has the expertise to understand all the business issues you want to address with an information management system. Under the direction of a team leader from our Application Support Group, we will work with your staff to help you get the most out of your PENTA system. As the technology landscape and your business evolve, your support team is here to help you accomplish your business objectives.


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