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North America's top specialty service contractors trust PENTA Service Management / Work Order software every day to manage and improve their busy field service businesses. From maintenance contracts to mobile field data collection, service management systems like PENTA Service Management Software empower contractors with the information they need to optimize service operations from the field or the office.

Are your service and work order business processes in need of automation?

Fully integrated with PENTA Job Costing Software and designed with direct input from leading specialty contractors, PENTA Service Management is comprehensive service management and work order software.

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Keep Service Management Staff and Field Service Technicians seamlessly connected throughout the work day.

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Explore Integrated PENTA Service Management Software

Maintenance Contract Management Software

Maintenance Contract Management Software optimizes resource utilization and improves service profitability.

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North America's top field service contractors use the maintenance contract management capabilities of PENTA Service Management Software to quote and establish maintenance contracts, schedule the appropriate resources, bill customers accurately and analyze maintenance contract profitability and work productivity.

Flexible Maintenance Contract Setup

PENTA's flexible maintenance contract setup options allow contractors to establish and manage maintenance contracts covering a wide variety of options:

• Multiple Contract Types

• Track Maintenance to Specific Customer Equipment

• Single or Multiple Customer Locations

• Numerous Calendar Period Intervals

Integrated Maintenance Contract Activity Scheduling

Efficiently plan services with schedules determined by a maintenance contract. Triggered by calendar periods or reported meter units, maintenance schedules help service contractors optimize resource utilization by projecting service technician manpower and materials needs for future months based on existing and potential contracts. Easily and quickly generate work orders for upcoming scheduled services, which automatically appear on the dispatch schedule board for technician assignment, or can appear in a pending work queue for a pre-assigned technician.

Flexible Maintenance Contract Billing Options

PENTA provides contractors with several maintenance contract billing options. Fully integrated with PENTA Service Billing Software, PENTA allows for billings to be tied to a specific billing schedule, pre-purchased service hours, completed work activities and more.

Powerful Maintenance Contract Quoting

Based on standards defined within the PENTA maintenance contract estimating catalog, service contractors can more quickly and accurately generate maintenance contract quotes using a wide variety of variables.

Maintenance Contract Analytics

PENTA Service Management Software facilitates continual performance improvement. PENTA Role-Based Workbenches are a powerful set of business intelligence tools to help managers of your field service business track profitability of individual contracts, analyze profitability for extra call activities and compare actual costs incurred with estimated costs used to generate the original quote.


Call Taking, Dispatching and Work Order Setup Software

North America's top field service contractors use PENTA service dispatch software to expedite call taking, dispatching, work order setup, assignments, and to analyze service operations performance.

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PENTA service dispatch software facilitates efficient work assignments with pre-defined default work order templates and customer or customer location-specific work order attributes such as T&M rate schedules and preferred service technician. PENTA also helps dispatchers with quick access to service history and automated alerts based on customer credit rules.

Integrated Maintenance Contract Schedules

As new service calls are assigned, PENTA notifies call takers and dispatchers when scheduled services associated with a maintenance contract also exist for that location. PENTA provides dispatchers with the customer-specific information they need to ensure work is performed properly, including documents, warranties, diagrams, instructions and notes.

Graphical Schedule Board PENTA

PENTA Service dispatching software simplifies work order assignment with an easy-to-learn-and-use graphical schedule board interface. Dispatchers can view open and scheduled work orders alongside technician availability, and make quick “drag and drop” work assignments.

• Establish color coding schemes for work order display based on call priority

• Locate technicians with the required “skill set” necessary for a specific work order

• Utilize a time or task-based schedule board, or elect to use both for managing different types of work

Service Call Analytics & Reporting

PENTA Service Management Software facilitates continual performance improvement of your service department. Role-Based Workbenches are a powerful set of business intelligence tools to help managers of your field service business analyze past performance for planning, identify exceptions for action and trend current performance for forecasting based on historical service call information.


Service Invoicing & Billing Software

Complete service invoicing & billing software designed specifically for contractors to be flexible, powerful and improve cash flow.

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PENTA Service Management Software gives you fast, flexible invoicing options.

• Bill work orders using time and material rate schedules, markup percentages, flat-rate quoted amount or in accordance with agreed upon unit rate schedules.

• Establish standard rate schedules or create special relationship discount schedules for preferred customers.

• Modify charge out rates for the same customer based on service type or location where work is performed.

Additionally you can apply overhead and add miles or trip charges to each call. You can even create automated recurring billings for services provided in accordance with maintenance contracts.

Flexible, Efficient Billing

Service billing in PENTA is flexible and efficient. Billing rules and invoice formats can be assigned at the customer, customer location, maintenance contract and template levels, with overrides available for specific work orders. These standard rates and formats speed work order entry and billing processes, and enforce standardization. Work order invoices may be directed to a central location regardless of which customer location the work is performed, or in situations where services are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, directly to the manufacturer while maintaining service history for the customer and their equipment.

Service Billing Analytics & Reporting

PENTA Service Management Software facilitates continual performance improvement. Role-Based Workbenches are a powerful set of business intelligence tools to help managers of your field service business analyze past performance for planning, identify exceptions for action and trend current performance for forecasting based on over 100 types of information specific to:

• Service Cost

• Service Revenue

• Accounts Receivable


Customer Equipment Software

Differentiate service offerings and improve service delivery by injecting customer equipment intelligence into service, repair and maintenance operations.

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Penta customers benefit from easy-to-use tools for organizing and managing customer equipment information. The customer equipment management capabilities of PENTA Service Management Software help service contractors get a leg up on the competition by injecting their service operations with actionable information about their customers’ facilities and equipment.  An integrated catalog allows service contractors to closely track and proactively utilize customer equipment information in service quoting, sales and service delivery operations.

Complete Integration

Customer equipment information is fully integrated with PENTA Service Management Software functional capabilities, including work orders, dispatching, billing, maintenance contracts, documents and mobility, information about customer equipment is available when and where it's needed to inform day to day operations of the entire service department.

Flexible Data Structure, Rapid Setup

Service contractors may customize their customer equipment data structure to meet the unique needs of their service operation. Flexible definition of equipment allows for an unlimited number of hierarchical equipment classes, each with their own attributes.  Once defined, a Setup Wizard speeds and simplifies customer equipment entry, and management can filter, group and report upon the information.


Maintenance Contract Quoting Software

Quickly develop consistent and accurate quotes for many different types of maintenance contracts with PENTA Maintenance Contract Quoting Software.

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The maintenance contract quoting process of PENTA Service Management Software is based on standards defined within the maintenance contract estimating catalog for each type of customer equipment you service. Customer equipment is categorized by equipment class/manufacturer/capacity/service level. Variables that may be defined and that are used when developing quotes for each class/manufacturer/capacity/service level include:

• Frequency of service: quarterly, semi-annual, annual, etc.

• For each recommended inspection or service date:

► Tasks to be performed

► Type of resource required (HVAC tech, plumber, electrician, etc.)

► An estimate of the amount of time for each task

► The materials needed to perform the service

• Option to include reserve/contingency labor hours & dollars as well as material dollars. For example, a comprehensive service contract needs to include anticipated hours and dollars for repairs as well as preventive maintenance


Generate specific customer quotes by specifying the quantities of equipment by class/manufacture/capacity and the requested service level to be included in a maintenance contract.

Assign either standard rate schedules or a desired gross profit percentage to price the proposal. PENTA combines this information with the standards from the estimating catalog to determine the basic cost and recommended sell price for the proposed maintenance. If authorized, the individual creating the quote can manually override any of the standard values brought in from the catalog to account for things such as the age or condition of equipment, accessibility, etc. You may also record additional estimated costs such as travel expense, initial inspection fees, site survey, etc. PENTA allows you to easily and quickly prepare multiple versions of your proposal in order to provide the customer various options such as the frequency of service calls or comprehensive coverage versus preventive maintenance only.

Once a proposal is approved internally and accepted by the customer, a contract administrator can easily create or renew the maintenance contract from the proposal simply by specifying the quote number and version upon which to base it. PENTA then loads information such as the customer, the contract amount, the equipment, the associated maintenance schedules, and the task lists and their associated resource and material requirements from the quote into the maintenance contract.

From the maintenance schedules and their associated resource requirements, PENTA provides a report for the service manager to project manpower requirements by resource type for a given time period. This allows the service manager to make sure they are adequately staffed to provide the scheduled service. Having the material/parts requirements allows PENTA to provide a purchaser with a report of the types and quantities of materials needed over a given time period.

This allows the purchaser to:

• Make sure there is an adequate but not overstocked inventory of parts and materials to support the scheduled maintenance.

• Take advantage of quantity price breaks by knowing how many of something is needed over time, so they can purchase larger quantities confidently without worrying about overbuying.


Service Quoting Software

Improve service sales effectiveness with integrated service estimating, packaging and quoting.

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The service quoting capabilities of PENTA Service Management / Work Order Software help service contractors estimate, build and track service and repair quotes with greater ease, accuracy and flexibility.  Together with maintenance contract quoting capabilities, you can quote any type of service or maintenance package.

Create Service Quotes

Penta customers may create service quotes and quote documents for customers or internal reference, whether for work orders such as repair or installations, inspections or maintenance agreements such as preventive maintenance.

Centralized, Integrated Catalog

To drive service quoting consistency and accuracy, Penta customers may build an integrated catalog of time and material estimates including pricing rules.  Based on tasks on classes of customer equipment, service contractors may generate quotes and service packages from the catalog.  PENTA users who are authorized may override standards for sales flexibility, while maintaining a history of quote versions, recommended quotes and quote-related communications. Awarded quotes can seamlessly create work orders or maintenance contracts from quote details:

• Price by mark-up, fixed prices or standard billing rates

• Detail # of visits, frequency, customer equipment, resources, other costs

• Override capabilities at all levels, retaining “recommended” quote

Packaging and Versioning

Service contractor sales staff must account for a wide variety of customer needs in estimating and quoting service work.  PENTA meets this need with service packaging capabilities, service quote versioning and quote document creation:

• Produce multiple quote versions

• Group multiple service quotes into packages for consolidated presentation to customers

• Generate presentation-ready quote documents

• Track client quote-related communications

PENTA improves efficiency and effectiveness for:

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