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The Evolving Role of Planning in the Construction Business

Available On Demand Now!


The Evolving Role of Planning in the Construction Business

Available On Demand Now!

Penta Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise construction software that helps construction, service, and engineering enterprises improve business performance, proudly launched the BuildTech Talks webinar series May 16, 2019, with its premiere session: The Evolving Role of Planning in the Construction Business.

“The construction industry faces mounting productivity headwinds: razor thin margins, skilled labor shortages, regulatory red tape and ever-climbing insurance premiums just to name a few,” said Bill Wagner, President at Penta Technologies. “As your customers demand higher and higher rates of productivity, how can you possibly compete? You’ve got to have a plan. Enter the role of Enterprise Resource Planning.”

While many see Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as a substitute for paper bookkeeping, Wagner emphasized that there’s a real opportunity to leverage an ERP as a single system of truth to make construction businesses more productive and profitable.

This free BuildTech Talks webinar was co-presented by Wagner and Andy Lambert, Penta’s Director of Applied Construction Technology.

Wagner and Lambert helped attendees learn how to:

  • Understand today’s modern ERP technology toolset
  • Identify areas of inefficiency in the business
  • Leverage data to jumpstart planning efforts

“I’m very excited to help Penta expand our educational offerings beyond the Penta community of users,” said Lambert. “If you’re interested in running a more productive and profitable construction company, I’d highly recommend you set aside an hour to attend our first BuildTech Talk — we’re packing it full of high value content you can begin implementing in your business today regardless of your current technology and planning toolset.”




Watch "The Evolving Role of Planning in the Construction Business" Webinar Online Below!


Bill Wagner descriptionAbout Bill Wagner
Bill Wagner, Penta’s President, is an experienced marketing professional and strategic thought leader, passionate about using marketing to drive growth and create great experiences for customers. 

Bill is responsible for leading Penta's long-term strategy, product portfolio and demand generation activities by focusing on developing solutions that meet the unique needs of key stakeholders at labor-intensive specialty contracting firms across multiple markets.

Wagner has experience working with start-ups, mid-size, and Fortune Global 500 firms including ABB, Badger Meter, Direct Supply and ARI Network Services. Bill is also the Past President of the Milwaukee Chapter of the American Marketing Association and is a sought-after speaker on the topics of digital disruption, business strategy and the impact of digital experiences on the customer journey. He has recently served as a featured presenter for the Equipment Dealers Association, American Marketing Association, Young Professionals Organization, Group Conference Call, and at the GreenExpo.


Andy LambertAbout Andy Lambert
Former Director of Applied Construction Technology
Andy was responsible for driving product and solutions that solve industry challenges, and getting those solutions into the hands of the end user. He is also an industry thought leader, collaborator, and speaker.

Prior to working with Penta Technologies, Andy worked with various Electrical Contractors as a member of the IBEW. Andy holds a bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, a degree in Electrical Construction, and Lean certifications.

Andy has over 17 years’ experience in the Construction and Construction Technology industry. He has vast experience delivering solutions to over 100 large construction firms throughout the United States and Canada by bringing together people, process, and technology. He is a passionate, high-energy, results driven professional with a diverse skill set that has contributed value and ROI to customers and stakeholders. As a product and solution champion, his motivation and energy stem from a strong belief in teamwork, relationship building, customer/stakeholder interaction, and leveraging the latest technology to meet the tough business challenges facing construction today and in the future.


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