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Construction Technology Evaluation Toolkit!

Find out if your technology solutions are working for your business.

Are your technology solutions working for your construction business? The construction industry is in the midst of an explosion of new software solutions and digital tools, but oftentimes, these new technologies are merely expensive distractions in search of a problem to solve.

How do you know which technologies will actually help your business be more productive and profitable? The BuildTech team has built out a comprehensive toolkit to help you answer this million-dollar question for yourself.

Before you sit through a single software demo that presents yet another solution to a problem your company might not even have, use this set of interactive tools to help you optimize your tech stack!


Step 1: Take our Construction Technology Evaluation Survey

We’ll begin by gauging your company’s current IT maturity and readiness for digital transformation. Take the Evaluation

Step 2: Watch The On Demand Toolkit Intro Webinar

In this session, we’ll walk you through the results of your assessment and walk you through how to get the most out of the toolkit. Watch Now

Step 3: Hold a SWOT Meeting

Assess your current Processes and Priorities by holding a Technology Evaluation SWOT meeting. Download the Meeting Guide

Step 4: Meet to Strategize

Determine if your current vendors can meet your needs by scheduling strategic account review meetings with your technology vendors. Bring the outputs of your SWOT exercise to jumpstart the conversation.

Step 5: Evaluate and Rate

If your current vendors can’t meet your needs, it’s time to evaluate your options. Download our interactive Vendor Selection tool to objectively rate vendors based on your company’s specific requirements. Download the Excel Template

Step 6: Download the Implementation Roadmap

Once you’ve selected your new vendor(s), you’re not quite done! With 68% of all IT projects resulting in failure, you’ll want to ensure your implementation plan is built for success. Download our Implementation Roadmap White Paper


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