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Gathering financial information on projects was key factor when choosing enterprise construction software

Brookfield, WI - October, 2014

Penta Technologies, a leading developer of enterprise software for the construction industry, announced that Boyer, Inc. has selected PENTA Construction ERP Software as its unified platform to manage business processes including construction accounting, project management, billing, documents and payroll.

Boyer describes themselves as “Contractors, Engineers, Inventors.” They have been in business for over 20 years, with 200+ employees who self-perform most work.

Boyer’s main motivation for switching away from their outdated system:

to streamline their systems to match their company needs
to gather more financial information on each project
to provide easy access to information to  their whole team using PENTA Role-Based Workbenches.

Beyond functionality, Boyer chose PENTA because both companies believe highly in the value of long-term partnerships.

“At Boyer, we have people who are highly experienced. Our customers understand how important that is, and frankly they’ve come to expect it,” said Don Stephens, Controller at Boyer. “We look for experience and a high level of customer service from the vendors we partner with. Penta Technologies’ people have demonstrated that their experience and culture are a good match with ours…we’re looking forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship with Penta.”

Construction Enterprise Software

About Boyer Inc.

Boyer, Inc. is a privately-owned construction company based in Houston, Texas. Services provided include:

  • Civil Construction
  • Electrical Construction
  • Mechanical Construction
  • Inland Marine Construction
  • Instrumentation & Control Systems
  • Equipment Rental
  • Equipment Sales
  • Commercial Plumbing
  • Landscape & Irrigation

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About Penta Technologies

Penta Technologies provides software and services that improve efficiency and overall effectiveness for commercial and industrial construction companies. For over 35 years, Penta Technologies has specialized in serving its partner companies. Penta Technologies’ customer base is primarily made of companies with diversified operations that self-perform their work. PENTA is uniquely qualified to manage multiple company and multiple business line structures. Through proven business processes, leading-edge technology, and an emphasis on long-term relationships, Penta Technologies has solidified their position as an industry leader. For more information, visit 


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