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Innovative Construction ERP deployment delivers superior uptime, data sharing and disaster recovery

October 14, 2014

Milwaukee, WI -- Industrial contractor K2 Industrial Services was awarded a Gold Constructech Vision Award at a ceremony in San Francisco, California.

Scott Simmering, CIO at K2 Industrial Services, accepted the award for their forward-thinking deployment methods in implementing PENTA construction ERP software. K2 recognized native cloud offerings did not facilitate sharing data and integration of all of the component software they wanted to deploy. In addition, native cloud offerings did not provide comprehensive business continuity/disaster recovery. With PENTA as the very backbone of their operations, uptime, integration and scalability are imperative.

Industrial Contractor Software

K2's Scott Simmering accepts Vision Award; Penta Techologies' Karl Koenig accepts Technology Enabler recognition.

The solution was to take a comprehensive on-premise solution from Penta Technologies into the cloud using Amazon Web Services and third-party management tools from 2nd Watch. Benefits included:

  • A flexible cost model
  • Better use of internal technology staff
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery
  • Improved management visibility

Penta Technologies was jointly recognized as Technology Enabler.

“From the start, K2’s team thought outside the box,” said Cam Smith, VP of Professional Services at Penta Technologies. “They were very clear on what they didn’t want, so we worked together to find a deployment option that worked for their broadly distributed environment.”

“We’ve been very pleased with our deployment,” added Scott Simmering, CIO at K2 Industrial Services. “There are all kinds of things we’d rather invest in before investing in the infrastructure to properly support all our locations. Our deployment gives us the confidence that we can grow with our business while providing a secure and disruption free environment.”

About K2 Industrial Services

K2 Industrial Services is headquartered in Pensacola, FL and services its customers through six business units and thirty-nine branch locations, each of which are recognized as market-leading providers in regions of the U.S. where industrial facilities are concentrated, including the Great Lakes, the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Coast and the Northeast. K2 maintains a base workforce of 1,300 employees and is in the process of merging with US Environmental Services.

K2 Industrial Services serves customers across the US and Canada through its  operating units which include:

  • KM Plant Services
  • KM Industrial
  • Mansfield Industrial
  • Cannon Sline
  • KA Industrial

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About Penta Technologies

Penta Technologies provides software and services that improve efficiency and overall effectiveness for commercial and industrial construction companies. For over 35 years, Penta Technologies has specialized in serving its partner companies. Penta Technologies’ customer base is primarily made of companies with diversified operations that self-perform their work. PENTA is uniquely qualified to manage multiple company and multiple business line structures. Through proven business processes, leading-edge technology, and an emphasis on long-term relationships, Penta Technologies has solidified their position as an industry leader.

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