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Industrial Services Contractor Selects PENTA Enterprise Construction Accounting Software

Mid-State Machine & Fabricating Corporation specializes in plant maintenance and custom fabrication for industrial markets

Brookfield, Wis – April 19, 2016

Penta Technologies, a leading developer of software for commercial and industrial construction companies, is pleased to announce that Mid-State Machine & Fabricating Corporation has selected PENTA enterprise construction accounting software.

Mid-State was growing its industrial plant maintenance and custom fabrication business, but after years of trying to make their previous software solution work for their business, they decided to explore other software options to facilitate further growth.

“Our previous solution and several other systems we looked at were focused on manufacturing,” said Mid-State Chief Financial Officer, Tom Hodge. “They really weren’t suited for a company focused on industrial plant maintenance and service.  We conducted a thorough selection process, with a list of priorities. PENTA just checked the boxes better.”


Mid-State priorities included:

Work-In-Progress Billing: “We’re not the kind of organization that makes the same parts over and over. Instead of billing on a finished-goods basis like a manufacturer, we needed to be able to bill on a more timely basis, like the industrial services company that we are.”

Real-Time Reporting: “Access to a single source information we could have confidence in was important for both Financial and Management Reporting.”

Hosting & Managed Services: Custom fabrication and industrial plant services is Mid-State’s specialty; not software. They saw value in having Penta Technologies assist their operations team by hosting PENTA and managing the supporting infrastructure. “We didn’t want our people to develop expertise with updating and tuning the performance of the software. Our thought process was: No one knows the system better than the people who work with it every day. We have other areas we want our people to concentrate on.”

Partnership Approach:“Every software company that walked through our door made promises about building long-term partnerships,” said Hodge. “It wasn’t until later in the process that we saw PENTA’s partnership approach demonstrated first-hand. Then, during the training and implementation phase, it became even more apparent this wasn’t lip service: their people have clearly implemented enterprise construction accounting software on a repeated basis for companies like ours. They’re serious about helping us set up the software for the success of our organization.”


PENTA Enterprise Accounting Software helps Mid-State more effective at Industrial Fabrication Industrial Contractor is able to handle oversized loads Mid-State offers precision machining

About Mid-State Machine and Fabricating Corporation

Based in Lakeland, Florida, Mid-State Machine & Fabricating Corporation is highly focused on industrial markets. They offer services including machining, general mechanical work, pump remanufacturing, transportation and a variety of field services.  For more information, visit


About Penta Technologies

Penta Technologies provides software and services that improve efficiency and overall effectiveness for commercial and industrial construction and field service companies. For over 35 years, Penta Technologies has specialized in serving its partner companies. Penta Technologies’ customer base is primarily made of companies with diversified operations that self-perform their work. Whether hosted in the cloud or installed at your locations, PENTA enterprise accounting software is uniquely qualified to manage multiple company and multiple business line structures. Through proven business processes, leading-edge technology, and an emphasis on long-term relationships, Penta Technologies has solidified their position as an industry leader. For more information, visit



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