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Accelerate your time to benefit with workflow management

While every construction company has unique business processes, there are also industry best practices that you can leverage. With decades of experience serving construction, we’ve identified areas where most contractors can see immediate benefit though automated workflow management.

Examples include:

  • ECM Core Competencies: We can help get your team rooted in the fundamentals of leveraging the power of PENTA’s Enterprise Content Management capabilities, such as the setup of document imaging, creation of digital file cabinets, building custom queries, and establishing an automated foldering structure.
  • Accounts Payable Approval Process: Penta Technologies has developed a process to automate the accounts payable approval process for improved efficiency. Whether you have a large procurement department or a few purchasing agents, it allows you to adopt a smart set of business practices developed for construction and service companies, while allowing you to blend in practices that make sense for your unique business.
  • Service Invoice Approval Process: If you’re in the service business, you know the importance of fast, accurate billing. Each service invoice is unique and subject to internal review to make sure they reflect accurate rates, hours, and many other factors. You want to bill promptly to increase cash flow, but you know nothing erodes hard-earned customer goodwill faster than an incorrect invoice.  Is there a way to make the process faster, more accurate and more efficient? Yes! Let Penta Technologies help you streamline your service invoice approval process, so your people can spend less time poring over invoices and more time providing great service to your customers.

Combining a “tried-and-true” workflow management process with your individual needs often means a faster, more efficient implementation, allowing you to start reaping the benefits of your PENTA system even sooner.

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