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Penta Equips Service Contractors for Increased Sales Productivity, Customer Intelligence with new Field Service Software Release

Latest release of the PENTA Field Service Software suite injects customer equipment intelligence and sales automation into estimating and quoting processes for service work and maintenance contracts

Milwaukee, WI – February, 2011 - Penta Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of construction software and field service software, today introduced new service management capabilities for the PENTA Field Service Application suite. Designed to help contractors expand their service businesses, the new features empower contractors to sell service and maintenance work more effectively through improved customer equipment intelligence, and integrated estimating and quoting tools.

PENTA Software unifies management of the entire contractor’s business, from construction accounting and project management to service management and mobile field service. A series of new features benefit the entire service department, from managers seeking improved business intelligence, to sales personnel quoting service work or maintenance contracts.

“Intense service competition has made closely tracking and proactively utilizing customer equipment information increasingly important for service contractors,” said Karl Koenig, Penta President. “These new capabilities will infuse the contractor’s service operations with actionable information about their customers’ facilities and equipment.”

Increase customer equipment intelligence with flexible data structure, rapid setup

Penta customers now benefit from easy-to-use tools for organizing and managing customer equipment information. The customizable data structure enables flexible definition of equipment into an unlimited number of hierarchical equipment classes, each with their own attributes. Once the structure is defined, a Setup Wizard simplifies and expedites customer equipment set up, and filtering and grouping capabilities facilitate inquiries and reports.

Tightly integrated with the entire PENTA Field Service Software suite, including work orders, dispatching, billing, maintenance contracts, documents and mobility, intelligence about customer equipment will inform day to day operations of the entire service department.

“PENTA’s integrated capabilities for tracking and managing detailed information about customers’ building equipment and associated service tasks will help contractors build closer customer relationships,” said Koenig. “Leveraging that information to identify work history and opportunities for new service work will ultimately help service contractors be more responsive to the needs of their customers.”

Improve sales effectiveness with integrated service and maintenance contract packaging, quoting

Service contractors also need the ability to estimate, build and track service and maintenance contract quotes with greater ease, accuracy and flexibility. Penta customers may now produce internal service quotes as well as customer-facing quote documents, whether for work orders such as repair or installations, or maintenance agreements such as preventive maintenance.

To ensure quoting consistency and accuracy, service contractors may build a catalog of standard hour and material estimates complete with pricing rules, and generate quotes, service packages and package combinations from the catalog. Authorized PENTA users may override standards for sales flexibility, while maintaining a history of quote versions, recommended quotes and quote-related communications. Awarded quotes can seamlessly create work orders or maintenance contracts from quote details.

“Service contractors must rapidly incorporate a great deal of information to accurately quote service and maintenance work,” said Koenig. “We are excited to help them get a leg up in the marketplace with powerful, flexible service and maintenance contract estimating, packaging and quoting capabilities maximized by an accurate and up-to-date service catalog.”


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