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Oil and Gas Accounting Software

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Oil and Gas Accounting Software

Construction Accounting and Project Management for Oil and Gas Enterprises

Truly have the best of both worlds with Oil and Gas Accounting Software by PENTA. Whether constructing a pipeline, performing maintenance on a refinery, installing instrumentation or prepping a new oilfield, contractors serving the North American Oil and Gas Construction Industry trust their construction accounting and field construction operations to PENTA Software every day. With PENTA, contractors manage their business with less effort, consistently execute their best practices, and improve productivity by continually analyzing their performance.

Labor, Equipment and Material (LEM) Process

Oil and Gas companies often require contractors to obtain daily customer authorization of work performed, including labor, equipment and materials. PENTA Software manages the complete daily LEM process cycle, from field data collection, customer approval via Sharepoint® site, to daily performance analysis. Oil and Gas contractors will simplify and quicken their LEM process with PENTA Software:

  • Unifies management of construction jobs, work orders, and maintenance contracts.
  • Simplifies multi-location, multi-company and inter-company construction accounting.
  • Automates collection and transmission of labor time, equipment usage, and material data from the field to the office with mobile field reporting software.
  • Empowers decision-makers with Business Analytics by placing daily management information at their fingertips in an analytical format and intuitive user interface.
  • Facilitates union payrolls, including extensive capabilities to define reciprocity rules to accurately pay employees and fund union benefits.

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Multi-company contractor K2 Industrial Services selects PENTA Software to prepare for future growth

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Award-Winning Construction Management Suite

PENTA has been repeatedly recognized with Constructech 50, Vision, Top Product and numerous other awards for commercial and industrial construction software. Penta Technologies' customers improve performance with integrated construction and service management applications, consistent process execution and continual performance analysis.


Integrated Construction Business Intelligence

PENTA Role-Based Workbenches are construction business intelligence tools that help oil and gas contractors continually analyze performance against their key performance indicators.
Role-Based Workbenches move contractors beyond static reports to evaluate trends, share information and more effectively manage the performance of their organizations. 

Project Management

Integrated with PENTA and Microsoft Outlook®, Project Managers use the PENTA Project Administration to identify potential cost overruns in time to rectify, address and track issues in a timely fashion, quickly provide project cost status and forecasts to accounting, maintain history of project communications, and easily route, log, and store all communications and documents in a secure repository. PENTA Project Administration is easy to learn, easy to use, and lets PMs quickly move from activity to activity to effectively respond to the fast-changing demands of their jobs, including:

  • RFIs
  • Submittals
  • Documents
  • Issues
  • Drawings
  • Contacts
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Change Requests
  • Daily Reports

Document Management and Workflow

Powered by market-leading Enterprise Content Management Technology, oil and gas industry customers can import documents into PENTA by scan or from disk, centrally store documents in a networked repository of electronic documents, link documents to PENTA records by importing a file, dragging and dropping an Outlook® item, or searching for a stored document, and generate documents based on data from within PENTA, including Work Orders, Subcontracts, Change Requests, RFIs and Submittals.


Whether union or non-union, payroll is one of the largest administrative challenges for labor-intensive specialty contractors. With decades experience managing some of North America's largest construction payrolls, PENTA can drastically reduce the overhead required to manage your company's payroll. Features include:

  • Union Reciprocity
  • Labor Distribution
  • Employee and Department Utilization
  • Qualification Tracking
  • Mobile Field Time Reporting
  • Payroll and Timecard Analytics

eTime and eExpense

PENTA eTime and eExpense applications provide self-service time and expense entry & approval capability for professional staff and consultants who charge time to projects and/or overhead expense accounts. Targeted for users such as design, management, and administrative personnel, project managers, and consultants, features of eTime and eExpense include:

  • Self-service entry and edit of timesheets
  • Rule-based routing for review and approval
  • Mobile deployment
  • Complete integration with PENTA security, validations, pick lists, and PENTA Digital Dashboard alerts for exception reporting


PENTA’s purchasing capabilities efficiently supports large engineering & construction entities with resources focused specifically on procurement activities, as well as engineering & construction entities where individuals fulfill several roles including the buyout of equipment and materials for jobs. Whether staff are authorized to enter into purchase agreements up to a limit, or required to issue and submit requisitions to a central purchasing group, PENTA purchase orders may be issued for many types of purchases:

  • Jobs
  • Work Orders
  • Fixed Assets
  • Inventory
  • Overhead items


PENTA Overview Video 

Told by a contractor, this quick whiteboard video shows how commercial and industrial contractors benefit from PENTA construction enterprise software.

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Crew-Based Field Reporting

When it comes to oil and gas accounting software options for construction firms, one size does not fit all. PENTA Work Package Manager apps offer crew-based field reporting tools designed to make crew foremen and front-line supervisors more efficient. PENTA Work Package Manager apps help your front-line supervisors improve schedule reliability and predictability, while being more efficient with administrative functions.

Work Order Management

PENTA Mobile Field Reporting is seamlessly integrated with the PENTA Service Management Software, a complete system designed to manage every aspect of a contractor's work orders, field service and maintenance operations, including call taking, time or task-based dispatching, service history, maintenance contracts, preventive maintenance scheduling, installed customer equipment, warranty information, invoicing & billing, maintenance contract quoting and more.


PENTA Oil and Gas Accounting Software serves contractors performing the following construction and maintenance work:

Shale Gas Construction | Unconventional Natural Gas Construction | Marcellus Shale Construction | Eagle Ford Shale Construction | Barnett Shale Construction | Oil Pipelines | Refinery Maintenance | Oilfield Services | Offshore Construction | Engineering | Project Management | Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) | Natural Gas Pipelines | Instrumentation & Controls | Marine Pipelines | Procurement Services | Instrumentation & Controls | Maintenance & Repair Services

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