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Keep Service Management Staff and Field Service Technicians seamlessly connected throughout the work day.

PENTA Mobile Field Service Software is an app that enables construction and service firms’ field service technicians to receive dispatched work order details on an iPad and capture and transmit real-time status updates such as technician time, equipment time, parts and materials and applicable notes to the home office. In doing so, PENTA Mobile Field Service software quickens billing and payroll cycles, eliminates unnecessary paperwork, redundant data entry and inaccuracies, and ultimately leads to more a more profitable service operation.


Capabilities of the PENTA Mobile Field Service app include:

  • Live Technician Work Status Updates
  • Contracts and Warranty Visibility
  • Labor and Materials Capture
  • Customer Signature
  • Service History
  • Barcoding & Inventory Management
  • Preventative Maintenance Checklists
  • User Authentication and Security

The PENTA Mobile Field Service app was designed with the entire service team in mind. Work recorded on the technician's iPad is automatically deposited in payroll, accounting and billing queues for immediate review, approval and distribution by designated personnel.

Work Orders and Jobs

When it comes to software options for companies with service operations, one size does not fit all. PENTA Mobile Field Service was designed specifically for mechanical, electrical, industrial and other facility service contractors, whose work may vary from long duration jobs to emergency response service. Penta customers can dispatch either work orders or jobs to their field workforce. With over 30 years of contractor-specific experience, Penta Technologies understands the business processes that drive the profits of your service operation.

The PENTA Mobile Field Service app is available for download from the Apple® App Store.

Enterprise Mobile Platform

Mobile technology has made advancements to the point where the historical barriers to mobilizing your service business no longer exist. Advanced device capabilities are driving user adoption, and data network costs continue to drop. At the same time, no two contractor's field operations are the same, which is why PENTA Mobile Field Service software was developed on an open, standards-based platform, providing our customers extensive flexibility in their mobile deployment. Our mobile platform offers over-the-air provisioning, strong security and authentication controls, and complete operational control and device management.

Mobile Inspections Software

Empower Field Inspectors to perform inspections more quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about Mobile Field Inspections Software.

Field Service Analytics and Management Reporting

PENTA Mobile Field Service software makes your service operation's management reporting and analytics even more useful. Daily work performed by your field service technicians can be available for same-day management reporting and analysis. Managers of your field service business can analyze past performance for planning, identify exceptions for action and trend current performance for forecasting with PENTA Role-Based Workbenches.

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