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Let PENTA Manage Your IT Infrastructure and Server Support

The Managed Services Program allows Penta Technologies clients to maintain internal control over their computing infrastructure and general server support, or to entirely outsource these IT services to Penta Technologies. Whether PENTA is installed at your site or in the cloud, our team of professionals can manage PENTA applications and monitor the supporting infrastructure.

Why not manage it all yourself?

Your team could handle it, but do you really want them to? With PENTA Managed Services, you can:

  • Stay focused on your core business
  • Ensure availability and performance requirements are being met
  • Reduce risk
  • Maximize productivity and service level to your organization

Services range from basic system monitoring to fully-managed cloud hosting solutions, allowing your IT department to take as much or as little ownership of supporting PENTA as desired.

System & Database Monitoring

With this option, your staff is free from supporting servers and infrastructure: Penta Technologies handles these responsibilites for you.

System & Database Management

Services are monitored at the system & database level to ensure availability and performance requirements are being met. Database log files are backed up to perform point-in-time recovery.

Cloud Hosting

Penta Technologies has partnered with Amazon Web Services as a certified cloud provider of the PENTA applications, eliminating the need for your team to purchase and manage in-house servers & infrastructure.

Learn more about Cloud Hosting PENTA.

PENTA Software Upgrade Services

Our professionals rapidly deploy standard PENTA upgrades for you.  Your users always have the most up-to-date versions of the PENTA, which allows them to take advantage of innovations as soon as they are introduced. 

Mid-State Utilizes PENTA Cloud Hosting

Contractor uses PENTA Cloud Hosting and Managed Services to stay focused on plant maintenance and custom fabrications.

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