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PENTA Job Cost Software: Improve Construction Job Costing from Start to Finish

PENTA Job Costing Software is project management software for all financial aspects of construction projects. Effective control of job cost has the single most important impact on construction profitability. With so many variables contributing to job cost, the need for an integrated system has never been greater. Using a flexible job structure and work breakdown structure, you can better manage project information, from mobile field time entry to analytics and reporting.

Fully integrated with the PENTA Construction Software suite, including:

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Software for Job Costing in the Field

PENTA Mobile Field software capabilities expedite the collection, transmission and approval of labor, equipment, materials, production units, and other job cost data from the field. PENTA mobile solutions include:

Job Cost Analytics and Reporting

PENTA Software facilitates continual performance improvement. It helps construction managers analyze past performance for planning, identify exceptions for action and trends current performance for forecasting based on over 100 types of job cost information, including:

  • Field Productivity
  • Margin Variance
  • Committed Costs
  • Job Cost Detail
  • Job Revenue Detail
  • Job Summary Analysis

Project Review

PENTA Job Cost helps project managers and financial, operations and executive management stay on top of  job cost information. Role-Based Workbenches present job cost information graphically, allowing you to spot potential problems early and to drill down into cost detail. The PENTA Project Review and Forecast Entry window presents summaries of important information such as: 

  • Contracts
  • Commitments
  • Margins
  • Cash Position
  • Labor Cost and Productivity Analytics

Labor Cost and Productivity Analytics

PENTA job costing software provides great flexibility when defining your job work breakdown structure; in particular, the flexibility to define the various segments of the costcode that makes sense for the types of work you do. 

Using PENTA Role-Based Workbenches, you can analyze labor productivity and labor costs for any segment(s) of your costcode, within a job or across multiple jobs, and display the results graphically.

This information can be analyzed at macro and very granular levels. It can also enable comparisons that reveal new insights from a historical perspective, leading to more efficient and accurate estimates for future work.In addition, the tool can help you recognize trends that drive corrective action and/or identification and sharing of best practices.

Labor Cost and Productivity Analytics

Even on profitable jobs, there are always opportunities to get better; PENTA Role-Based Workbenches help you identify them. In this chart, it's easy to see that at the Boulder Junction project, there's room for improvement in the Excavate & Haul phase.

Lorneville Mechanical Selects PENTA

Lorneville to Unify Project Management, Canadian Union Payroll and Construction Accounting with PENTA Software.

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