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inspection management software

Drive inspections efficiency and growth from the field or office with inspection management software

The inspections management capabilities of PENTA help service contractors manage their inspections business processes with more automation and less paper. 

From the field to the office, PENTA inspection management software handles the entire inspections life-cycle.  Together with integrated customer equipment, maintenance contracts, service dispatching and service quoting capabilities, service contractors can manage their entire service business, including inspections, in one powerful system.

Mobile Field Inspections


Increase Inspection Productivity and Reduce Risk by Performing Paperless, Mobile Inspections in the Field

Automating repetitive, unproductive tasks in your inspections operations starts in the office, but it shouldn't end there. Designed specifically for highly-complex inspections, Field Inspectors and related personnel can receive inspection work orders on their mobile device, containing all of the information they need to complete an authorized, paperless equipment inspection.

Empower, record and transmit job labor, equipment, and production data instantly, allowing for better communication, significantly reduced time wasted doing paperwork, and quicker billing

Mobile Field Inspections Software

Capabilities of PENTA Mobile Field Inspections Software include:

  • Quick and simple data entry of employee hours, production units and equipment hours
  • Record employee hours by pay type
  • Record employee hours by shift
  • Real-time reporting of hours worked
  • Automated workflow for approval and dispute resolution
  • Record employees' hours to multiple jobs in a day or time period, hours to non-job activities, and Time and Attendance

PENTA Mobile Field Inspections Software was designed with the entire service department in mind.  The work recorded on the crew foreman's mobile device is automatically deposited in payroll, accounting and billing queues for immediate review, approval and distribution by designated personnel.

Manage Question Sets

Use PENTA Inspections Management Software to build standard question sets for customer equipment classes and tasks (annual inspection, quarterly inspection, etc.).  Exceptions to the standard question sets can be built at the equipment or regulatory agency level, as well as by class attributes (manufacturer, model, etc.).  Contractors may define:

  • Questions
  • Possible answers
  • Branching rules
  • Deficiency rules
  • Associations with industry codes (e.g., NFPA 25).

Manage Inspection Tasks in Maintenance Contracts and Work Orders

Inspection tasks may be built into quotes, maintenance contracts and work orders. Scheduled inspections are typically built into a maintenance contract, often directly from the quote. The maintenance contract controls which locations and equipment are inspected on which frequency, the schedule and billing amounts associated with the inspections.

Inspections are scheduled by assigning work orders with inspection tasks to an inspector.  Based on the inspection tasks assigned to them, the inspector completes the inspections and records their results, which are reported to the customer and potentially regulatory agencies via user configured work-flows and reports.

Identify Deficiencies

Based on how inspection questions are answered, deficiencies are identified and logged in PENTA and available to report to the customer and regulatory agencies.  The status of deficiencies is maintained to easily identify those that are open vs. those that have been addressed.

Track Regulatory Agencies

Contractors performing inspections may also track administrative information about the various regulatory agencies that monitor their customers, which customer locations are in their jurisdictions, and which classes of equipment they regulate.

Generate Quotes

Deficiencies may be filtered and grouped by a number of attributes, and directly generate service and repair quotes, inspection maintenance contract quotes, quote packages and customer-facing quote documents for repair of the selected deficiencies.

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Keep service management staff and field service technicians connected with the PENTA Mobile Field Service iPad app

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