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Construction document management software to eliminate paper and automate workflows

Woven directly into PENTA, PENTA Enterprise Content Management Software helps construction and service firms automate low-value, time-intensive tasks. By creating paperless work environments and streamlining the flow of work, PENTA ECM and the PENTA ECM app can reduce costs, simplify compliance, and improve collaboration while boosting business performance.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs of generating, storing and distributing construction documents and other content, while making audits faster, easier and less intrusive.

Eliminate Paper

The construction document management software capabilities of PENTA Enterprise Content Management, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and automated imports, provide a scalable solution for centralized or distributed scanning.

What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

You can learn the fundamentals of Enterprise Content Management (also called Construction Document Management Software) in one minute. 

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Automate Workflows

Standardized workflows enable people and processes to be more efficient, effective and consistent. For many common construction business processes, PENTA offers pre-configured workflows to help speed a contractor’s time to benefit.

Increase Performance

Measure, monitor, and improve key performance areas across the enterprise. PENTA Business Process Management can even help apply industry best practices to optimize the steps necessary to accomplish an objective.  

Increase Efficiency

Paperless work environments boost efficiency. Opportunities to improve efficiency often include optimizing paper-based processes such as:

  • Financial processes
  • Project Management processes
  • Engineering processes
  • Human Resources processes
  • Automated organization and deletion to aid in Records Management
  • Many other paper-based processes


Centralized construction document management and storage eliminates silos of information, prevents inadvertent loss of key documents, and makes collaboration easier.


Collaboration improves the speed and quality of group communications, providing a standardized method to share documents and work together. Users can track their conversations with threaded discussions, invite other users to participate in discussions and online meetings, and manage relevant information on a document or in a virtual workspace.

Collaboration provides a centralized location in which users – regardless of their geography – can manage interactions and decision-making to more quickly resolve business process issues.  For example, PENTA ECM makes it easy to create, post, discuss and revise contract documents for new jobs from a central access point.

Maintain Compliance

PENTA Enterprise Content Management Software helps your enterprise to be more consistent in their processes, reducing audit risk, maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and with internal records retention policies.

Access from Anywhere

Mobile access from the PENTA ECM app provides quick access to content, a familiar interface, ability to complete electronic forms, and easy document import capabilities.  

Work How You Want To Work

Your team is made up of individuals, each with their own preferences and styles. With multiple access and integration methods, your team members can work how they want to work, while remaining true to your desired business processes.

Access methods include:

  • Laptop or desktop computers
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets

Integrations include:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Intranet/Extranets
  • Third-party applications

Enterprise Content Management Email Approval Window

Field workers can access their content from anywhere with the PENTA ECM app and can complete workflow tasks or even create new forms and workflows right from their email inbox.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) app


Leverage the benefits of PENTA ECM from wherever you are; spend more time in the field, less time in the office or job trailer.

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Construction Document Imaging Software

Capture all business content electronically.

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Construction Document Imaging Software


Automated Foldering

As new content enters your PENTA ECM system, new folders are automatically created and consistently populated without user interaction, according to your defined structure.

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Business Process Management

Automate business processes by defining, executing and measuring a series of steps necessary to accomplish an objective.

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Business Process Management Software

Records Management Software

Records Management Software

Support compliance, increase efficiency and minimize audit risk.

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Pre-Configured Workflows

Common construction and service processes have been pre-configured to expedite time to benefit from your construction document management software.

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Pre-Configured Workflows

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