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Save Money and Empower Personnel with Information Access
Stop spending unnecessary postage on mass mailings

Postage rates continue to increase nearly every year. Skip the expense with the Employee Portal and upload employee and company information instantly!


Eliminate unnecessary time-consuming paperwork

You can lose several hours every week printing and stuffing envelopes with pay statements or you could take your day back by posting the same information to the Employee Portal with the click of a button.


With the click of a button, we can push content out to the portal.

- Jill Valdez
HR Director, REMCO

Allow your payroll staff to focus on other priorities

You didn’t hire them to spend their time printing pay statements and stuffing envelopes. Put them back to work on projects that deserve their attention.


Help your employees feel more connected

Mass mailings aren’t very personal and are very easy to misplace. With the Employee Portal, your employees can empower themselves to find the information they need at their convenience.


Accessible Information:
•  Demographic information
•  Emergency contact

•  Paid time off summary
•  Pay/salary information
•  Federal, state, and local
   withholding information

•  Pay stub history with images
•  W2 history with images
•  Human resource documents
•  Company news

"With the click of a button, we can push content
out to the portal.”

- Jill Valdez, Remco


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