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Document Control Software to Capture all Business Content Electronically

The Document Imaging capabilities of PENTA Enterprise Content Management provide a scalable solution for centralized or distributed scanning. 

  • Automated imports with auto-classification of content, reducing manual effort and enforcing consistency.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) goes beyond simply scanning each document as an image, but also and translates the words back into a form that PENTA can manipulate, adding power and dramatically minimizing files sizes.
  • Secures documents from time of capture, eliminating paper‐based single points of failure.
  • Provides ease of use and simplified administration from within a single Imaging window.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automatically extracts keyword information from scanned documents for automatic indexing.

Business Applications of Construction Document Imaging Software

  • Accounts Receivable invoice pages arrive separately and are scanned. The bar code for invoice number is used to automatically append each page to the matching document. This feature ensures that when documents are retrieved all the available pages will be shown.
  • Accounts Payable invoices are scanned, and then are indexed into PENTA with the appropriate keywords for optimal document control.
  • Back‐file conversions are assisted by prepping each folder with a coversheet containing bar code values for indexing all the documents in a folder. Individual document type bar code coversheets are placed between each document to automatically classify and separate them. As the documents are scanned, each is automatically classified and indexed, and the bar code sheets are discarded.

What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

You can learn the fundamentals of Enterprise Content Management (also called Construction Document Management Software) in one minute. 

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