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Reduce Business Disruption and Catastrophic Data Loss

Going beyond data backup, PENTA Disaster Recovery includes pre-configured off-site servers running identical versions of PENTA and regular testing to ensure your business can be back online, with little or no lost data, typically within hours.

Disasters can come in many forms: cyberattacks, equipment failures, human error and natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes and earthquakes. Many companies make token efforts to prepare for disasters, only discovering the gaps in their "plan" when it's too late.

PENTA Disaster Recovery combines the technologies and processes needed to create a comprehensive approach that maximizes business continuity even in the event of a disaster.

Make Business Continuity a Priority with PENTA Disaster Recovery

Preconfigured Servers: Off-site disaster recovery servers are preconfigured for optimal size, capacity and even the identical version of PENTA you are using. This pre-planning allow you to get back up and running quickly after a disaster strikes; typically within hours instead of days.

Geographic Isolation: Your servers and backups are intentionally located outside your geographic locations to ensure your data is safe.

Dedicated Environment: Your disaster recovery servers and databases are 100% dedicated to your company's data.

Hourly Backups: Data loss is minimized with hourly off-site backups. If a disaster strikes, you'll lose little or no history, transactions or activity.

Regularly Testing: Semi-annual or quarterly disaster recovery testing and monitoring of your servers is included to monitor off-site backups, performance, and availability

Regardless of whether your PENTA system is cloud-hosted or installed on-site, PENTA Disaster Recovery is a service available to all PENTA customers. And with no servers to buy, maintain or upgrade, there's no upfront capital expense. 

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