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Provide your customers self-service information access with the PENTA Customer Portal

Your customers want access to information. With the PENTA Customer Portal, you can give it to them. Accessible directly from your website, it gives them self-service access to all kinds of data about field service work you've done, are doing, or are scheduled to do, like:

  • Service History
  • Open Workorders
  • Inspection History
  • Scheduled Maintenance Tasks
  • Billing History
  • Maintenance Contracts

Why your customers will love it

Give them what they want

Customers are increasingly expecting self-service access to accurate information, rather than making calls or sending emails. This information provides quick review of billing and payment status and helps them review their historical repairs to make smarter equipment budgeting, planning and construction decisions. 

Give it to them when they want it

Customer Portal is on-duty 24 hours a day, every day. Even when you're not available, your customers can access the information they want.

Give it to them how they want it

The web-based Customer Portal is accessible via the internet on:

  • iPadsTM and other tablets
  • Laptop computers
  • Desktop computer

Security allows your customers to control the information and reports accessible to employees by location or by role.

Why you'll love it

In addition to being able to differentiate yourself from other contractors by better serving your field service customers' information needs, Customer Portal also benefits you with:

Reduce Support Costs

By providing self-service access, you can allow resources dedicated to responding to service requests to spend their time on activities that add greater value to your organization.

Enhance Revenue

You can offer premium-priced access tiers to your Customer Portal, offering an additional ongoing revenue stream.

Create Personalization

You can customize your Portal pages with your logo to complement your website's branding.

Build Stronger Relationships

Giving customers real-time access to key performance indicators about their asset and equipment empowers them to make their operations more successful. Putting your customers in control of information increases their customer satisfaction and improves customer retention.

PENTA Overview Video 

Told by a contractor, this quick whiteboard video shows how commercial and industrial contractors benefit from PENTA construction enterprise software.

Watch the Video

Preview the PENTA Customer Portal

Summary screens are the entry point to allow your customers to view locations, and drill into the details such as Services Performed, Scheduled Visits, Equipment, Invoices and Maintenance Contracts.

Maintenance Contract screens offer your customers helpful information including:
Contract ID, Contract Type, Service Type, Current Coverage Period, Locations, Equipment, Tasks, Visit Schedule, Date, Equipment, Tasks.

By drawing attention to maintenance contracts that are due to expire, your customers may contact you to extend coverage on their own, increasing their peace of mind, and reducing your sales costs.

From the Services Performed screen, your customers can view work orders, hours, parts used, and more.
If desired, results can be filtered by date or other criteria.

From the Documents screens, your customers can view documents such as inspections reports, work order tickets or photos of the specific piece of equipment/assets on which the work was performed.

The Edit User screen allows you to control security settings that determine what customers can and can’t see. 
For example, imagine your customer is a hotel chain with multiple locations.
You could allow the chain's operations team to view all info for all their locations, while granting each hotel manager access only to certain data about a specific site.

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