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Crew-Based Field Reporting Software

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Crew-based Field Reporting

Manage schedule adherence, risks, costs, resources and more with PENTA Work Package Manager

As a front-line supervisor managing large crews, you need to effectively manage construction work packages daily. From the initial definition of the work package and its components to the daily monitoring and administration of progress and proactive risk mitigation, PENTA’s Work Package Manager is a set of apps that provides you the toolkit necessary to do so. Through real-time monitoring of your work packages you can:

  • Accurately measure and manage schedule performance on your overall project
  • Quickly identify and manage risks
  • Measure, monitor and control costs at a manageable level
  • Provide team members a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities
  • Effectively analyze utilization and production
  • Quickly generate necessary reports allowing you more free time to manage rather than be consumed by administrative tasks

PENTA Work Package Manager apps help your front-line supervisors improve schedule reliability and predictability, while being more efficient with administrative functions.

Time-Equipment-Production (TEP) App 

Would you like to simplify the tracking and reporting of crew time, equipment and production info for your crew foremen and superintendents? Then Work Package Manager's Time-Equipment-Production app, or TEP for short, is just what you've been looking for.


  • Improve efficiency of task allocation to supervisors and their crews
  • Improve labor and equipment utilization
  • Improve schedule predictability
  • Simplify recording time to cost codes or GL accounts
  • Reduce employee time and reimbursable expense errors
  • Improve accuracy of recorded equipment costs, downtime, and standby time
  • Improve accuracy of recorded installed quantities or percent complete
  • Review productivity and labor costs daily enabling real-time decision making
  • Limit liabilities and corrections with employee electronic signature validation
  • Improve safety and quality results by keeping the foreman with their crews, in the field


Time Equipment Production app

Centralized Data and Graphical Business Intelligence

Because data flow seamlessly into your PENTA system, Work Package Manager apps make analyzing your business easier. Work performed by your field construction crews can be available for same-day management reporting and analysis. Via Role-Based Workbenches, project managers and operations managers can analyze past performance for planning, identify exceptions for action and trend current performance for forecasting based on information specific to Job Cost, Margin Analysis, Customer Equipment, Crew Labor, Revenue and Division / Department information.

Available in PENTA Work Package Manager

Field Tickets

  • Generate field tickets for extra work billed on a time and materials basis to avoid disputes
  • Customer sign-off via electronic signature
  • Integration with PENTA change order management and billing

Safety, Quality & Production reporting

  • Group and assign job work by costcodes to crews
  • Safety reporting:  Electronic  job safety analysis report and safety meeting forms with electronic signatures; electronic safety incident forms and notifications
  • Quality reporting:  Electronic non-conformance form and notification
  • Equipment reporting:  Electronic equipment failure form and notification
  • Checklists:  Electronic checklists for equipment inspections, QA/QC, corporate audits
  • Daily foreman’s reports:  Capture delays/impacts
  • Access drawings, bills of material, specifications and other info from the field.

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