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Procurement is more efficient with PENTA construction purchasing software

PENTA construction purchasing software facilitates advanced purchasing models within your organization, whether staff are authorized to enter into purchase agreements up to a limit, or required to issue and submit requisitions to a central purchasing group. PENTA purchase orders may be issued for many types of purchases:

  • Jobs
  • Work Orders
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Overhead items

Import detail bill of materials information from your estimating system to simplify the buyout process for your jobs, and create purchasing catalogs for key vendors / suppliers that cross-reference internal product information with vendor specific information, including current pricing where available.

Purchase Orders

PENTA enables quick creation of new purchase orders based on submitted requisitions, by copying a prior purchase order, or by importing from a third party. Purchase orders can be job-specific or can cross multiple jobs, work orders, equipment items or overhead expense distributions, including any combination of these items.

Utilizing XML technology, Microsoft Word® Purchase Order documents can be generated with one click, auto-populated with information directly from PENTA. Where required, contractors can create multi-company purchase orders or purchase orders using international currencies.


Requisitions may optionally be used in PENTA to initiate the purchasing process. Import detail bill of material information from your estimating system into a requisition, issue releases to the purchasing department as materials are needed on the job site. Where standard catalogs of product information exists PENTA facilitates the search of items allowing users to search the catalogs using any number of attributes, some examples include:

  • Product Description, UPC
  • Manufacturer Name, UPC
  • Product Type Code

PENTA construction purchasing software notifies individuals responsible for issuing purchase orders with requisition details as requisitions are submitted. Purchasing agents may create Request for Quote reports and submit them to desired vendors / suppliers, or may review available inventory balances and submit inventory transfer requests.

Purchase Order Receipts

Record received items for unit price purchase order line items. Optionally accrue costs at time of PO receipt in lieu of when the vendor’s invoice is received, or use purchase order receipt information strictly as a control mechanism in accounts payable.

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