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Construction Billing Software

Driving Accounting Best Practices for Contractors with Construction Billing Software

The Invoicing & Billing capabilities of PENTA Construction Accounting Software automatically generate customer invoices for lump sum, cost plus, time and material or unit price contracts, or any combination of contract items for a single job. User-defined schedule of values facilitate detail invoice layouts, as well as summary invoices when a detail breakdown is not required.

Contract Information

PENTA allows you to establish contract line items in accordance with the terms of your customer agreements, and track original lump sum contract values as well as change order amounts that affect the contract value. Not to exceed controls may be established for the overall contract, or by individual line item, and map contract items to cost transactions at summary or detail levels.

Cost Plus / Time & Material Pricing

PENTA provides extensive flexibility in specifying pricing rules for cost plus and time & material projects, either globally or specifically. Rules governing “pricing” cost transactions may use generic schedules, customer specific schedules or job specific schedules. PENTA provides standard invoice “backup” reports to substantiate billed amounts.

Process Job Invoices

With PENTA, construction firms can group jobs for automated billing purposes by allowing for processing of many jobs at one time, or elect to invoice jobs on a job by job basis. PENTA construction billing software enables you to invoice different components of a job at separate intervals throughout the month, or have a single job “in process” for multiple invoices at a one time.

PENTA Overview Video 

Told by a contractor, this quick whiteboard video shows how commercial and industrial contractors benefit from PENTA construction enterprise software.

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