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PENTAchecks: Integrated, Enterprise Form and Check Processing Software

PENTAchecks is the form and check processing software system from Penta Technologies, Inc. Intended for busy construction firms, PENTAchecks works with PENTA to replace your existing check processing software system; thereby offering secure, reliable check and form processing for accounts payable, expense reimbursement, claim forms and any other check payment or form.

PENTAchecks offers a complete check processing application in one pass with the latest MICR laser check processing technology, electronic funds transfer (EFT), electronic transmittance, and positive pay verification. Fully integrated with PENTA, PENTAchecks works by exporting your enterprise system data directly to your printer loaded with standard blank check stock, completing all necessary information in one pass. Your company logo, information, MICR fonts and signatures are exactly as you design and are printed quickly and simply saving time and money.

PENTAchecks automatically creates audit and security reporting for each check, simplifying reconciliation and record keeping. Further, PENTAchecks:

  • Offers secure access to check processing capabilities stemming directly from permissions set up within PENTA.
  • Conducts automatic verification of all field entries and over- and under- check amounts.
  • Allows you to add, change, or delete bank accounts instantly.
  • Offers positive pay verification and automatic notification to vendors or project management of payments if desired.
  • Secures your company data including logo and MICR design.
  • Offers EFT (electronic funds transfer) and electronic transmittance technology.
  • Meets your requirements for properly developed flexible, open system standards.

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