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Business Process Management Software

Define, execute and measure a series of steps necessary to accomplish an objective with PENTA

With PENTA business process management software, you can optimize performance and control of business processes while reducing the need for custom programming. PENTA's unique construction software and BPM tools enable organizations to model and simulate multiple business process scenarios, manage, monitor and report business process activity, and store critical business process information for long‐term use.

Optimize performance and control business processes with BPM Tools by providing:

  • Performance insight via modeling and simulation prior to process deployment or modification.
  • Real‐time visibility to monitor processes through executive dashboards.
  • Easy access to generate reports to track business processes and system health.
  •  Simple extraction and export of Workflow data to a data warehouse with no custom programming.

Applications of PENTA Business Process Management Software

  • Improve Operations: Without effective business process management software like PENTA, business processes such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales, and Service Distribution can often be inefficient within an organization. PENTA ECM enables organizations to more effectively design, deploy and manage business processes.
  • Reduce Procurement Costs: Companies may have complex procurement processes including strategic sourcing and purchasing. These complex processes are often manual; require multiple approvals, and agreements with multiple vendors, which cost organizations significant time and money. PENTA ECM allows organizations to automate and analyze the procurement process, improving resource allocation, process design and document flow.

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