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Automated Foldering enforces consistency in how data is stored, improving user experience and efficiency

New content enters your system all the time, in a variety forms. Whether email, scanned documents, or electronic data transfer, PENTA ECM not only stores the data where it belongs, it can even create new folders as needed.

Digital file cabinets eliminate the need for space consumed on physical document storage, as well as for the resources to perform the time-consuming manual storage and retrieval of files.


With automatic foldering in PENTA Enterprise Content Management, everyone will know exactly where to find stored content.


How One Company Found the Path to Paperless Operations

Ajax's PENTA software keeps up with changes in the documentation and as construction progress is verified, helps with paying subs. Turnaround times on document revisions are now a couple of hours instead of several days.

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You define the Structure – PENTA ECM helps you apply it consistently

PENTA ECM offers the flexibility to create a filing structure that makes sense for your business. You can have different structures for different document types including:

  • Customer Purchase Orders
  • RFIs
  • Submittals
  • Many more

Benefits of Automated Foldering in PENTA ECM

  • Contextually organize and display content based on business process and user needs
  • Maximize productivity through an intuitive interface that mimics familiar physical paper folder structures
  • Increase accuracy by automating folder creation, document filing and identification of missing documents
  • Improve efficiency by providing users with the ability to quickly locate related documents
  • Maintain authorized access providing security at a folder, document and/or keyword level
  • Reduce costs associated with disorganization and inaccuracies of manual filing systems
  • Further leverage current investment by increasing user acceptance

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