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Accounts Payable Software

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The Accounts Payable Software capabilities of PENTA Construction Accounting Software provide all of the functionality an accounts payable department needs to efficiently manage their operations. Fully integrated with Job Cost, Work Orders, GL, Purchasing, Payroll, Billing and Equipment, PENTA includes the option for two or three way invoice matching with purchase orders, inter-company purchases, foreign currency purchases, automatic and manual invoice hold assignments, payments issued using multiple cash accounts, retention management, ACH direct deposit disbursements and positive pay.

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Maintain a single list of vendors across all companies and / or business units for your organization, with the option of limiting specific vendors for use by a company or business unit(s). Define an unlimited number of addresses for a single vendor, or set up each vendor location with a unique vendor Id and link them via a “parent” vendor Id. Other vendor attributes include:

  • Unlimited vendor contacts
  • Maintain master agreements for subcontractors
  • Assign default payment terms
  • Flag 1099 vendors and default earnings code
  • Identify vendors who require lien waivers (optionally identify on a job / vendor level)

Accounts Payable Software: Recording Invoices

Record and distribute vendor invoices against purchase orders and subcontracts or as direct cost to jobs, work orders, equipment or overhead expense (or any combination of these). PENTA tracks several dates on each invoice including invoice date, discount date, due date and posting date. The discount date and payment date are automatically calculated based on the vendor’s or PO payment terms. Extensive editing is performed to ensure invoice information is accurate.

Manage Payable Status

Through a combination of automatic hold conditions and an unlimited number of manual payment hold codes PENTA allows you to withhold vendor payment when conditions exist that warrant a payment hold. Examples of the automatic hold conditions PENTA allows you to check for include subcontractor compliance issues, owner pay when paid, purchase order status is pending, vendor status is on hold, etc.

Pay Invoices

PENTA Construction Software includes a rich set of features governing invoice payment, including:

  • Select invoices for payment using a combination of invoice attributes
  • Employ job and vendor-specific processes for managing payment of retention balances
  • Generate pre-check register reports to confirm the accuracy of the items selected for payment
  • Issue disbursements from multiple bank accounts in US or Canadian currencies

Inquiries and Reports

Review purchase history and/or open payable status information via online inquiry windows or standard PENTA reports. View this information by company, by vendor, by job, by purchase order or subcontract, etc., for a given date range. Generate accounts payable aging reports to review current liabilities as well as retention payable balances. Backdate these reports to any previous date to reconcile the AP subledger with the general ledger. Generate cash requirement reports using invoice due dates to determine upcoming cash needs. Create 1099’s at calendar year end including electronic submission of payment information.

Automate the Account Payable Invoice Routing Process

By electronically capturing and automatically routing an electronic invoice image to the appropriate staffer in the approval cycle, the Accounts Payable Automation capabilities of PENTA Construction Accounting Software drive efficiency and reduce paper, errors, lost discounts and unnecessary costs from AP invoice routing processes.

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