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Accounts Payable Automation Software

Make the AP Invoice Routing Process More Efficient with PENTA

By electronically capturing and automatically routing an electronic invoice image to the appropriate staffer in the approval cycle, the capabilities of PENTA Accounts Payable Automation Software drive efficiency and reduce paper, errors, lost discounts and unnecessary costs from AP Invoice processes. 

PENTA automates Accounts Payable invoice routing, allowing you to:
  • Scan Images: Quickly convert paper invoices to electronic images, eliminating paper.
  • Capture Invoice Information: Automatically capture required invoice information using OCR technology and manually capture invoice information.
  • Route to Approvers: This rules-based workflow automatically routes invoices to appropriate approvers.
  • View Documents: PENTA displays invoices requiring action (e.g., approval, corrections, or entry of approved invoices) on a user’s dashboard. A single click allows a user to drill-down from the dashboard to view an image of the invoice and take an appropriate action on it.
  • Approve, Reject, Correct Invoices: Quickly review, approve, reject, correct, or add notes to an invoice.
  • Route Exception Invoices: This workflow automatically routes invoices with incomplete and/or invalid information to an Exception queue so that Accounts Payable personnel can complete and/or correct the information.
  • Require Follow-up: Approvers have an option to place an invoice in a Follow-up Required queue and assign a follow-up date if research is required prior to invoice approval. Users then receive an email reminder on the follow-up date.
  • Post Approved Invoices: Approved invoices appear immediately on the accounts payable dashboard, allowing AP clerks to quickly post them.

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