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Accounting Software for Construction Industry


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Accounting Software for Construction Industry

Accounting Software for Construction Industry: Why PENTA


Why Penta, you ask? It’s all about the people – sure we have outstanding, award-winning technology – after all, if you’ve been around as long as we have you better have great technology.  The reason you should choose Penta is because our people and our life-long relationships clearly set us apart from everyone else on the market.


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Accounting Software for Construction Industry   Accounting Software for Construction Industry Accounting Software for Construction Industry


Who We Are

  • Industry leader for over 35 years
  • Construction operations and accounting experts that offer solutions to your business challenges
  • Relationship driven – Committed to long term partnerships built on trust
  • Award winning –  Consistently recognized as a top choice for construction, engineering and field service firms

What We Do

  • Provide standardized processes that incorporate industry best practices
  • Eliminate information silos
  • Empower your leadership and employees via transparency of data
  • Eliminate waste and improve effectiveness

How We Do It

Who We Serve

Our sole focus is on solving business problems for commercial and industrial contracting, engineering and field service firms across the United States and Canada. Penta Technologies provides accounting software for construction industries, including:

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Featuring: Mike Moorhouse
Role: CFO
Company: Heico Construction Group

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Penta Technologies develops enterprise software that helps construction, service, and engineering enterprises improve business performance.

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